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2013 Rule Additions

Here are the directions you need to know to have the most fun possible in the 2013 race:
1) You will travel to all five boroughs throughout the afternoon and evening and will be ending at a different location than the starting point for a celebration.
2) Participating teams need to have smart phones that can transmit photos, access maps, and read emailed attachments of word and PDF files.
3) You will need to have some money to purchase food or drinks at various points, but it won’t get expensive.
4) Cars are not allowed.
5) Bikes are not a good idea this year.
6) You should buy an unlimited ride Metrocard in advance.
7) Teams of two or three people are allowed. You should coordinate clothing or colors with your teammates to make this even more fun!
8) All participating teams must bring a prize to the starting line to be claimed by another team at the end of the race. The maximum that can be spent on a prize is $0. The sentimental value of the prize can be moderate. The hilarity value of the prize should be priceless.

Fun stuff that I forgot to say before:
-Style points go to teams who are clad in clothing or otherwise with a team theme!
-You should have a fully charged smart phone on your team. It will be absolutely necessary to receive some clues and will be really useful to receive others.
-You can ask for help in solving clues at any time, and hints will be granted. Based on some preliminary solving that my non-participating associates have done, some clues will be pretty easy to work through and others might totally stump you without a solid hint.
-Make sure that your Smart phone knows about New York City Transit.

Team Composition for 2013

First of all, Merry Christmas. If you do not celebrate Christmas, I hope you accept the sentiments behind that wish!

This Christmas email will serve a few purposes.

The first is to remind you that you have until the end of 2012 to vote for which days you are able to participate in the 2013 Five Boro Amazing Race. The chosen date will be announced on New Years Day 2013.

The second is to answer the most common question I have received: How many people are allowed to be on a team? The number of people you may have on your team is the solution to the equation:

-335.5(x² – 5x) = 2013

Finally, you can see who has already solved the first clue and been officially entered in the race above, as I moved everyone who responded to the “To” line (in the order in which they solved the clue). Once you figure out how many people are allowed on a team, you can examine that list in order to start creating teams. You are welcome to respond to me with the composition of your team, but please don’t reply all with anything that will give away the solutions to either of the two clues, so far!

Also, if you know of emails of other people who want to do this, let me know and I will include them next time. If you don’t want any more emails, let me know and I can make that happen, too!