1) You will travel to all five boroughs throughout the afternoon and evening and will be ending at a different location than the starting point for a celebration. Expect this to take most of the day. If you are concerned about travel, times, or other logistics, you can be in touch with me and I may be able to tell you more without giving anything away. I don’t want to ruin any surprises for others, though.

2) You will be solving cryptic clues in order to determine the next locations. The clue you will receive is always two locations away. For example, when you complete location #2, you receive clue #4, and then you can solve it on the way to location #3 (which you should have figured out on the way to location #2).

3) I know this is called a race, but this is not really a race. Some teams are in it for the race and others are just in it to challenge themselves and have a fun day with friends. Feel free to be as competitive as you want but remember that a number of factors beyond clue-solving ability might impact the “standings” at the end, so the standings are never better than unofficial.

4) There is nothing that anyone can do to prevent teams from teaming up throughout the day. I will not be in the same location as you for most of the day. Your team has the right to decide how collaborative you want to be. While collaboration is allowed, following another team to the next location when they don’t want to be followed and your team didn’t actually solve the clue is not cool. If you are stuck, please email me for a hint instead of following someone who does not want to be followed.

5) Please post pictures of your team to social media, but try really hard not to give any locations away. Use the hashtag #fivebororace2016 if you want to!

6) Be early to the starting line.  Email/call/text me if you cannot find me once you get there. The starting line is always harder to get to than you think because of train delays, so plan to be early and maybe eat breakfast in the area or something.

7) Cars are not allowed as transportation between locations of the race.

8) Bikes are not recommended this year. You will regret it if you try to use bikes.

9) If you are planning on taking public transit, I estimate that you will need it at least six times throughout the day. Plan accordingly with an unlimited card.

10) Participating teams need to have smart phones that can go on the web, transmit photos, access maps, and read PDF files. Many useful pieces of information can be found at:

11) Have a fully charged smartphone at the start of the race. Ideally, have many on your team. Take measures to conserve battery life. It will be crucial at many points in the race.

12) Bring water, wear comfortable shoes, and take other precautions to stay hydrated and happy throughout the day.

13) Teams cannot split up to have some members go to one location and other members go to another.

14) You will need a small amount of spending money this year, and you should bring money to make sure you can keep yourself fed and hydrated throughout the day.

15) Coordinated team outfits are highly encouraged.

16) The theme of this year’s race is Wars in American History. You will not need to know anything about wars to solve the clues. If you are ever confused about why a certain location represents a certain war, you should ask.

17) Bring a prize to the starting line of zero actual value, moderate sentimental value, and limitless hilarity value. These prizes will be redistributed at the final location.

18) Be in touch with me by gmail or phone if you are really stuck, have solved a clue, or have completed an obstacle and are unsure of what to do next.  If you want everyone on your team to receive the response from me, cc your team members in your email to me.  I know I will not have time to search for their names or add them myself.

19) Remember that the only actual point of this race is to have fun. If something goes wrong for your team during the course of the day, remember that there is no actual value in winning and that I am doing the best I can!

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