About the 5BAR

The 5 Boro Amazing Race was a dream that started on St. Patrick’s Day 2012, in Astoria Park. My friends Beth and Steve got to talking about life dreams, and Steve started listing items on his “bucket list.” In addition to some larger life goals, Steve listed “going to all five boroughs in one day” as an item. We pointed out that he could do that any day, because it is really not that hard, but then Steve added that he needed a good reason to do it. Thinking about previous scavenger hunts we had done, we all realized that it would be fun to solve cryptic clues and travel to all the boroughs in one day. I offered to try to find someone to make clues for us, and, when that failed, became the clue maker.

The 2017 Five Boro Race will take place on both June 3rd and 17th. Please email fiveboroamazingrace@gmail.com if you are interested in joining!

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